The staff at Colorado Data Mail spends a lot of time every day answering questions and providing free consulting for our clients and prospective clients on a wide range of matters pertaining to data processing, lists, and bulk mailings.  Here are some areas where we can help:

  • Mail-Piece Design These days, the U.S. Postal Service has more and more stringent piece-design requirements.  While some of these rules may seem arbitrary, the intention is to have large-volume customers produce mailers that will run most efficiently on their automated equipment, which in turn will lead to the most beneficial postage rates and less damage to the mail-piece itself.  Knowledge and implementation of these rules can save thousands of dollars in postage and can help speed delivery through the postal system.  Contact us for a free analysis of your mail-piece.
  • Postage Analysis Your postage expense may well be the biggest part of the overall budget for your mailings.  The Post Office’s rate structure is extremely complex and contains literally hundreds of rates.  Our knowledge of mail-piece design and our best-in-class postal software can help you achieve the maximum postal discounts possible. Again, please contact us for a free analysis of your postage costs.
  • Scheduling We are often asked to help our clients outline a detailed schedule for their mailing projects.  Let us know your desired in-home date, and we can work backwards to make certain that the appropriate amount of time is allotted for each step along the way to meet your goals.

Last update: January 18, 2018